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 Health and Wellness 

living your best life with intentional self-care

A Health and Wellness Company with our own Certified Organic Garden

Garden2Plates was born out of a passion for gardening, staying healthy and fit.
Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, As your Wellness Coach, I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. Find out more below.

Health and Wellness Consulting


As a Wellness Consultant, I provide comprehensive services to guide and help clients feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges. Since 2014, I work with clients in order to achieve good health and balance in all aspects of life.

We offer Health and Wellness workshops for our corporate clients. Lifestyle diseases are on the rise. This affects productivity and sick days cost companies lots of money. Ultimately being proactive about your employees health saves you money.

Clients can count on us to provide practical steps including recipes with ingredient sourcing to support that will help with their wellness journey. One area of focus is to encourage balanced healthy diets that  incorporate fresh vegetables and fruits. We also provide Raw Food Detox Diet Expertise.  

Get in touch to learn more and take a big step towards your health and wellbeing

Garden2Plates Certified Organic Garden


We believe that natural and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious produce supports our clients quest for a living their best life. We also promote sustainable and socially responsible farming by using the most environmentally friendly growing techniques. Learn more about our work process by contacting us. We also have our own label additive free fresh salad dressings.

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