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At Last the G2P Blog is here!

From day one I always had a plan to blog about vegetables, recipies, what is trending in food right here in Accra and encourage my dear customers to share recipe ideas. I am lucky to have customers from around the world and I am always happy when they share their recipes with me. I get amazing photographs of dishes sent to me all the time.

So I thought this would be a great platform for those of us who can, to share our recipes and tips for the kitchen with pictures if possible.

I have been blown away at the little gems I keep coming across in Ghana. Many people are producing and growing food of exceptional quality. Unless you are a foodie who spends a lot of their time looking for these gems, more often than not they stay hidden in this country. Sometimes simply because they are wholesalers or produce for the export market.

My aim is to tell you when I discover a gem like Quail Express who sell the most

delicious quails' eggs which you can now buy from us. Premium Vegetables who

have an incredible hydroponics greenhouse in Aburi, growing sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Their Roma tomatoes are simply exquisite, full of flavour and sweet. Urban Jungle, who just sent me a sample of delicious Italian long sweet peppers (Cubanelle Peppers) and cherry tomatoes. These are being grown in greenhouses in Accra.

Just got introduced to eating pineapple and papayas a day or 2 after harvest from Alcorgh Farms and oh boy, are they delightful. We are now offering you the same opportunity at harvest time. Another favourite is Olive Gardens opposite the AU Village who sell a scrumptious selection of olives, sundried tomatoes and pesto (unless of course you want to take advantage of the abundance of Italian basil in my garden and make your own fresh one!)

To my loyal customers (especially those of you who have been there from day one and always encouraged me) I can only say Thank You. You are simply the best.......My hobby grew into a business because of you. Enjoy.

Penne with spinach, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese

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